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Help! Which Printer Option is Best?

Quick Tips for Printing in the Classroom

What's the best way to print?

Typically, I think the "FIT" option is your best bet. All printer margins are a little different and this will ensure that everything you see actually prints on the page.

There are times when scaling might be your best bet though.

If you have smaller pocket charts and want to pair down the size of your document, scaling is the way to go. Click the scale option and then choose how much you want to scale it by.

Want to make it considerably smaller?

Looking to save paper and ink?

Try the "Multiple" option. This allows you to print multiple pages on a single page. This also works great when you want to make something for an individual student. For example, you could print these schedule cards much smaller to accommodate a single student. Because they're being used individually, they don't need to be as big as the ones you'd post for the whole class to use.

Want to make it BIG?

Use the "Poster" option to make it big. This will print on multiple pages that can be taped together to make a large print.


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