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Quick Tips for Printing in the Classroom

What's the best way to print?

Typically, I think the "FIT" option is your best bet. All printer margins are a little different and this will ensure that everything you see actually prints on the page.

There are times when scaling might be your best bet though.

If you have smaller pocket charts and want to pair down the size of your document, scaling is the way to go. Click the scale option and then choose how much you want to scale it by.

Want to make it considerably smaller?

Looking to save paper and ink?

Try the "Multiple" option. This allows you to print multiple pages on a single page. This also works great when you want to make something for an individual student. For example, you could print these schedule cards much smaller to accommodate a single student. Because they're being used individually, they don't need to be as big as the ones you'd post for the whole class to use.

Want to make it BIG?

Use the "Poster" option to make it big. This will print on multiple pages that can be taped together to make a large print.

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Looking for a fun winter activity?! These penguin icebergs are so fun and easy.

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This activity was inspired by the book Penguins Love Colors by Sarah Aspinall. It is the cutest book! The penguins are named after flowers, and the green one named broccoli is always the class favorite!

Sometimes it's the simplest things that are the best! Grab some penguin figurines.

Put 'em in small cups and add a bit of water. Freeze overnight and you're ready for hours of play the next day!

I usually put them right in my sensory table with some snow. If you don't live in a cold climate, cotton balls would work too. You could also add water to a pot or pan and freeze it to make a larger iceberg.

Add some food coloring or liquid water colors to tap water. Give the kids pipettes and let them have at it! They'll love squeezing the colors onto the ice and snow.
Penguin Ideas and Activities in Pre-K, Preschool

List of materials:

I used these adorable little penguins from Learning Resources, but any small penguins would work.

Looking for ready-to-go, low-prep penguin activities?

These are all done and ready for you! Full of games, activities, centers, letter hunts, writing center materials, and more!


  • Jam-packed with literacy, math, science and art.

  • FUN! Many of the activities are game-based or have an interactive element.

  • Range of activities, so kids don’t get bored! Activities are hands-on and easily differentiated.

  • Includes games, activities, letter hunts, centers, books, directed drawings and more!

Fun with PENGUINS?!... Yes, please! Help your kiddos learn numbers in a fun and engaging way. ✅ Easy Setup Standards-based Engaging Hands-on Interactive and FUN!What's Included? ⭐ Ten Frame Practice Interactive Worksheets ⭐ Letter Race Will the seal or penguin win? Race between S and P with multiple options ⭐ Reader's Theatre Activity Retelling of the Emperor's Egg with props ⭐ Letter Hunt Write the room alphabet activity 4 levels included ⭐ Hideaway Alphabet Game ↪ Find the fish ⭐ Predictable Emergent Reader ↪ Interactive mini-book ↪ Two levels included ⭐ Pocket Chart Sentences ↪ Penguins are birds. ↪ Penguins have feathers. ↪ Penguins can not fly. ↪ Penguins swim, waddle and toboggan. ⭐ Penguin Directed Drawing ↪ Step by step directed drawing ⭐ 4 Corners Penguin Shape Game ↪ Includes penguin shape posters to hang ⭐ I Can Make a Penguin. ↪ Focus letter: Pp ↪ Multiple options | Color or write the letter ⭐ Uppercase and Lowercase Stamping ↪ Stamp the letters in the word "penguin." ⭐ Color and Write Penguin Pages ↪ Write the letter Pp ↪ Color the picture ↪ Multiple options included. ⭐ I Can Dot It ↪ Dot the word "penguin." ↪ Multiple options included. ⭐ Penguin Number Cards 0-50 ↪ Add the appropriate number of links to the penguin numeral cards. ⭐ Color by Number Penguin Worksheet ↪ Numerals 1-6 ⭐ Bonus Letter Cards ↪ Uppercase Alphabet Cards A-ZPenguin Unit for Little Learners ● PreK, Kinder, Preschool

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2 for 1 🌟 Pre-K Name Craft

A multi-sensory approach to learning letters in names.

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Yep, this is a good one! Bookmark this page so you can easily find it later.

This multi-sensory project is perfect for Preschool, Pre-K and Kindergarten. The best part? You get two projects out of 1 prep!


✅ Paper

✅ Glue

✅ Watercolors

✅ Crayons

✅ Tape

Pro Tip:

Glue the names the day BEFORE you want to do the project. It takes a while for them to dry.

Step 1:

Use glue to write the letters in each child's name. Let dry.

Step 2:

Let the kiddos touch, feel, and explore their letters! The hardened glue makes a great sensory experience. It's so smooth!

Step 3:

Grab your watercolor paints and let them paint over the hardened glue.

After their project dries, get a second craft out of it!

Step 1:

Tape a strip of paper over the watercolored "glue names."

Step 2:

Use crayons to go back and forth over the top blank strip of paper.

Watch your kiddos' faces light up when their name magically appears! Isn't Pre-K awesome?!

CLICK to check out these ready-to-go activities!

✅ Type and go

✅ Quick, easy setup

✅ Fun!

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