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Easy Peasy Pumpkin Fun!

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It's pumpkin time! Pumpkin activities are always a favorite in the classroom. Here are a few easy peasy pumpkin projects that are perfect for little ones.

First up... grab some random lids! Save those lids to orange juice containers, pill bottles, milk jugs and more. They can be used for so many projects and activities.

Grab some orange paint, some wine corks, a green marker, and the lids you scrounged up. Make some twirly, whirly vines with a green marker. Then, add pumpkins to the vines by stamping the lids and the corks into the orange paint and onto the paper. Easy peasy! And the kiddos LOVE it!

Next up, grab a bunch of balls! Big, little, textured, smooth, the more kinds you have the better the pumpkin patch!

Make a thumbkin-pumpkin patch! Turn those cute little thumbprints into a pumpkin patch. Draw a twisty, twirly vine with a green marker, dip those cute little thumbs in orange paint or an orange stamp pad, and dab away.

Looking for more pumpkin ideas?

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