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Grass Heads

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

Easy. Fun. Awesome!

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I have fallen completely in love ...with GRASS HEADS! Seriously, you all are going to LOVE these! My sweet friend Yay for PreK started doing these a few years back and it has become my favorite planting activity.


I let my kiddos pick out any pom pom nose they want. I add the googly eyes and nose to a clear plastic cup with a hot glue gun.

After the hot glue dries, I have them draw on a mouth with a permanent marker. Add some dirt and grass seed and you'll have a grass head in no time!

The best part? The hair cuts!

Take your kiddos outside and have them trim away with scissors. The giggles are guaranteed! 🤣

Send them home over the summer and they will WANT to practice their cutting skills.

Other fun plant-themed ideas

  • Use dried black beans as pretend dirt in a sensory tub or table. Add scoops, shovels and other planting tools, as well as pots and pretend flowers.

  • Grab a shallow tray and some scissors. Head outside to cut leaves, petals, stems and more!

  • Grow herbs in the classroom and taste test them with fruit... mint is always a favorite!

  • Try making playdough out of dandelions! Stephanie from Parenting Chaos had this amazing idea! I'm going to try it this spring!

  • Use dandelion stems, leaves, rocks and whatever else you can find to have students make their name on a piece of paper. These turn out so cute! Take a picture and send it to the parents.

fun flower art ideas

Grab a circle punch and some paper scraps for this quick and easy flower activity. These flowers take almost no prep! I let my kiddos use the circle punches with a variety of scrap paper. Old magazines, paint samples, junk mail, old cards, pretty much anything I have lying around.

Have the kiddos use the circle punches and these flowers take almost no prep!


Glue, markers, a variety of paper scraps and circle punches are all you need. Put them out, and let them have at it!

Another easy way to make flowers is with some scrunched up tissue paper. Kids love squishing it into a ball and dabbing it in paint. This one will get MESSY, but that's half the fun!

I'd love to hear some of fun activities you do with your kids! Drop a comment below, so I can expand my list!


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