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Updated: May 21, 2020

Let's talk letter formation.

The more opportunities we give children to form letters in the correct way, the more embedded it will become in their cute little brains. The goal is not to write letters perfectly, but to create the correct pathways so they can eventually write their letters seamlessly, without thinking about it.

Cue muscle memory. Remember when you first tried to ride a bike? You had to think about it... moving your legs, balancing your weight, twisting the handle gingerly so you wouldn't crash. And you know what? I bet you did crash! Because it's a lot to learn. It's the same for kids learning how to write letters.

So help them to learn letter formation in a BIG way by using those energetic little bodies! Grab a squeeze bottle and get them movin.' Worry less about what the letter looks like and more about how they form the letter. Remind them to always start at the top and make their way down. These big body movements will help to ingrain the formation of the letter into those adorable, smart brains!

More fun activities to reinforce letter identification.


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