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Will your family TACKLE THE CHALLENGE?

It's on! Can your family handle the challenge? It's simple, read 100 books. Count them all... not just the books that you read to your kids, or the ones that they read to you, but the ones you yourself read as well.

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Maybe you listened to an audio book or read a magazine, add'em to the book log. This is a visual way to show your child that you VALUE reading!

Take it one step further and talk about what you are reading with your child. Make one quick connection that you can talk to your child about. There's a little girl in the story I'm reading who is super silly, just like you! I love that about the book I'm reading.

Tell your kiddos when you don't like books too. It's okay to say you disliked a book. Talk about how you handled it, I started this book and I just couldn't get into it, so I started a different one.

The best part of this challenge, of course, is the reading you will do with your kids all snuggled up on your lap. So how can you make the most of this time?



Y'all get silly! Seriously, bust out the big booming voice, the screechy voice, the whiny voice, the quiet as a mouse voice. It matters. Kids love it when you commit 100% to reading a story.


MOVE, MOVE, MOVE! Get those little bodies moving, while you read a story. Hop on over to the great bear's den, tap your hands on your lap to walk through that dark, creepy forest. Movement keeps kiddos engaged AND helps them to better understand the story. Win, win!


Add props! Put on a pair of silly glasses or some goofy animal hats. This one simple switch up can spice up reading time and keep your kiddos wanting more.


Act out parts of the story. When Goldilocks tries baby bear’s porridge, grab a bowl and spoon and have your child act out the scene.


Switch up your reading space. Grab a blanket and read outside. Make an indoor fort out of sheets and blankets and read with a flashlight. Try reading during snack time for a change.

So pick a strategy and give it a try, I'd love to hear how it went!


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