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Applelicious name practice .... yes, please!

Type and go! It's really that easy.


Easy Peasy!

 Type your class list into the form.

 Printables will INSTANTLY generate.

 Works with ANY name, long or short, capital or lowercase!

❌ No installing fonts, saving you time and frustration.


What's included?

 Four class sets of name practice activities.

✅ Use it for years to come! ...


Just type your new class list into the form, and presto, you have a brand-new set of individualized worksheets. YAY!


These name practice worksheets are designed for a class set of 24 students. However, you can easily make a copy of the file to accommodate more names if you have more students.


See what buyers are saying:


"This was a perfect set to help my students focus on the letters in their names.  They were engaged and enjoyed practicing spelling and writing their names."  -Buyer, C.C.


"This has been a wonderful thing to use in class,  I use this all the time, the best thing is if  I have a new student, I add their name to the list, and pronto, it works. very grateful for this, the kids are getting better in writing their names, and practice makes perfect."  -Buyer, K.B.


"Class favorites. They eagerly await the next one that comes each month."  -Buyer, S.R.


In order for this resource to work, you need an updated version of Adobe Acrobat Reader. It’s FREE to download, and you likely already have it on your computer. This will not work properly in the browser version of Adobe Acrobat Reader, you'll need the free desktop version for it to function effectively. You will also need an unzipping program, so you can extract/unzip the folder. (Most computers already have this software, as well.)

Apple Set 1 ● Easy Peasy Name Practice Activities

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