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Let me save you⚡time! ... I've designed easy and effective name activities for your students in Preschool, PreK, or Kindergarten. These activities are called easy peasy for a reason... Simply type your class list and all your printables✨INSTANTLY✨ generate! YES!! ⭐


This set of name practice activities has a Valentine's theme. The activities are standards-based and will also build those oh-so-important fine motor skills! ✂️ Win-win!


If your kiddos are on the way to learning how to identify and write the letters of their name, this resource is for you. Simply type your students' names into the class list form, and voilà! Instantaneously, all those fantastic name activities will be generated. It's like magic! ✨


Enjoy more ☕with these TYPE ➕ GO printables.



⭐ Why pick these name printables?

  • They're EASY PEASY for busy teachers!

  • All printables 〽️instantly generate〽️ after typing your class list.

  • They'll work with A N Y name, long or short, capital or lowercase.

  • ❌ No need to install fonts.



⭐ What's included?

  • Three class sets of name practice activities.

  • Some of the activities include ✪ helper/starter dots ✪ to encourage correct letter formation.

  • Use it for years to come! ...

  • Simply type your new class list each year and your printables will⚡instantly generate⚡!



Whether your PreK and Kindergarten kiddos need that extra name support or you simply want to add some excitement to your name activities, this resource has you covered! Let's make learning names a breeze while building those fine motor skills!


Quick and engaging, these type-and-go resources will have your students writing their names with big smiles on their faces! These printables have a heart / Valentine's theme but could be easily used throughout the school year as well.


Who are these designed for? 

Busy teachers with students in …

  • Preschool

  • PreK

  • Transitional Kindergarten 

  • Kindergarten





  • All you need is an updated desktop version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

  • It is free to download. You likely already have it on your computer.

  • If you don't have it, a link is provided. Simply download the application to use the resource.

  • No fonts need to be downloaded to use this file. They're embedded and ready to go for you.

  • The fonts for this resource have been carefully chosen to support early learners. The fonts cannot be changed in this resource. Please check the preview to be sure you're happy with them before purchasing.

  • The class list has options for 24 names to be inserted. You can easily clear the list and add additional names when needed or create copies of the file to accommodate more names.

  • PowerPoint is not needed to use this resource.

  • This is a zipped file. You will need an unzipping program to open the folder. Most computers already have this software built in. If you aren't sure, you can learn more about unzipping files here.


There are two ways to purchase this resource, either through this website or through TPT.  The resources you get are identical no matter which option you choose, so you can pick the option that  works best for you.


Purchase through TPT here.


Name Activities with a Valentine's Theme, Name Writing for PreK and Kindergarten

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