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A letter hunting we will go! It's a class favorite.... every. single. year.


 Easy to set up


✅ Kinesthetic - perfect for kiddos who are always on the go

 Always a class favorite


My kiddos can't get enough of these letter hunts! Give them a try in your classroom and let me know what you think! Scatter letter cards throughout the room for students to find. As they hunt and find each of the letters, they fill out the corresponding recording sheet. The recording sheets come in 4 leveled options.


  • Uppercase Letter Cards
  • Lowercase Letter Cards
  • 4 Levels of Recording Sheets
  • Visual Cues Included to Reinforce Proper Letter Formation
  • Hideaway Game Included
  • Engaging and FUN!

Letter Hunt ● Write the Room Alphabet Activity A-Z ● Apple Theme

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