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Get it all done in a single book! ...


Self-portraits, cutting practice, rainbow writing, monsterizing, and more! This editable name book is perfect for Preschool, PreK, and Kindergarten classrooms.


This book combines the fun of crafts with the simplicity of a ready to go book! 



✏️ This is more than just a name book! 


It offers a diverse array of activities tailored to various learning styles. From rainbow writing and cutting practice to self-portraits and monsterizing their names, there's something here to keep every child engaged and excited about learning.



It will help students:

  • Learn to write their name using proper technique and formation
  • Build fine motor skills
  • Develop pencil control
  • Practice cutting skills
  • Create self-portraits
  • Learn the signs for the letters in their name (American Sign Language)
  • Form the letters of their name using a variety of materials
  • Dot paint the letters of their name
  • Complete fun crafts that focus on their names
  • Increase hand strength with tracing activities
  • Count the number of letters in their name
  • Engage in fun and imaginative activities, like monsterizing letters in their name!




Why you are going to love ❤️ this ready to go book!


✨ Instant Personalization 

Instantly create personalized name books for each of your students. Type in their names, and presto! You have a custom-made book ready to print and use.



Designed with our preschoolers and kindergarteners in mind, these editable name activities will…


  • bolster pre-literacy skills 
  • strengthen fine motor control ✂️
  • encourage proper letter formation! Yessss! ✋



These name tracing editable activities will help support your preschoolers as they learn how to write their names.


They’re truly ✔️ TYPE and GO, leaving you more time for your morning coffee ☕ (or tea, I don’t discriminate)!



So, if your PreK or Kindergarten kids are on their way to learning how to identify and write letters, these worksheets will make a huge difference! Many of the name activities include a starting dot for each of the letters in their name. This encourages correct letter formationwhich is critical to bolstering their developing writing skills! 


Quick and engaging, these type-and-go tracing activities will have your students writing their names with big smiles on their faces!



⭐ What's included?

  • An entire book of name activities! ✏️
  • This comprehensive resource features 26 daily activities
  • Provides over a month of planning and preparation for name activities
  • Ideal for completing one page each school day
  • Print and use these year after year by simply updating your class list


⭐ Who are these designed for?

Busy teachers with students in …

  • Preschool
  • PreK
  • Transitional Kindergarten 
  • Kindergarten


TYPE ➕ GO name activities for the win! ✨


Whether your PreK and Kindergarten kiddos need extra support writing their names or you simply want to add some excitement to your name activities, this resource has you covered!



Buy once and it lasts a lifetime! Simply type you new class list each year, and you are good to go for another year.


➥ So type in that class list, and consider name practice checked off your to-do list! ✅




  • All you need is an updated desktop version of Adobe Acrobat Reader. It is free to download. You likely already have it on your computer. (A link to download it is also provided.)
  • The fonts for this resource have been carefully chosen to support early learners. They are embedded and ready to use, but cannot be changed in this resource. Please check the preview to be sure you're happy with them before purchasing.
  • PowerPoint is not needed to use this resource.
  • This is a zipped file. Learn more about unzipping files here.

More than Just a Name Book | Name Tracing Editable Book | Preschool, PreK

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