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Are you ready for a jam-packed penguin unit? This is it! Full of games, activities, centers, letter hunts, writing center materials, and more!



  • Jam-packed with literacy, math, science and art.
  • FUN! Many of the activities are game-based or have an interactive element.
  • Range of activities, so kids don’t get bored! Activities are hands-on and easily differentiated.
  • Includes games, activities, letter hunts, centers, books, directed drawings and more!


Fun with PENGUINS?!... Yes, please!

Help your kiddos learn numbers in a fun and engaging way.


 Easy Setup




 Interactive and FUN!



┏ What's Included? 


⭐ Ten Frame Practice

 Interactive Worksheets


⭐ Letter Race

 Will the seal or penguin win?

 Race between S and P with multiple options


⭐ Reader's Theatre Activity

 Retelling of the Emperor's Egg with props


⭐ Letter Hunt

 Write the room alphabet activity

 4 levels included


 Hideaway Alphabet Game

↪ Find the fish


⭐ Predictable Emergent Reader

↪ Interactive mini-book

↪ Two levels included


⭐ Pocket Chart Sentences

↪ Penguins are birds.

↪ Penguins have feathers.

↪ Penguins can not fly.

↪ Penguins swim, waddle and toboggan.


⭐ Penguin Directed Drawing

↪ Step by step directed drawing


⭐ 4 Corners Penguin Shape Game

↪ Includes penguin shape posters to hang


⭐ I Can Make a Penguin.

↪ Focus letter: Pp

↪ Multiple options | Color or write the letter


⭐ Uppercase and Lowercase Stamping

↪ Stamp the letters in the word "penguin."


⭐ Color and Write Penguin Pages

↪ Write the letter Pp

↪ Color the picture

↪ Multiple options included.


⭐ I Can Dot It

↪ Dot the word "penguin."

↪ Multiple options included.


⭐ Penguin Number Cards 0-50

↪ Add the appropriate number of links to the penguin numeral cards.


⭐ Color by Number Penguin Worksheet

↪ Numerals 1-6


⭐ Bonus Letter Cards

↪ Uppercase Alphabet Cards A-Z

Penguin Unit for Little Learners ● PreK, Kinder, Preschool

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