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Want to make your school year easier? These monthly packets will have you ready to go in a snap! Let me know how they are working in your classroom. I'd love to hear!



✅ FUN! Many of the activities are game-based or have an interactive element.

✅ Range of activities, so kids don’t get bored!

✅ Activities include rolling dice, cutting, gluing, stamping with bingo daubers and using playdough.

✅ Keeps it all organized in one convenient stapled packet! No more losing random papers!

✅ Would also work great for home learning, morning work or other school activities.

✅ Includes over 25 pages.



✅ Note to families is completely customizable!

✅ Add or change any of the content within the note to families.


In order for this resource to work, you need an updated version of Adobe Acrobat Reader. It’s FREE to download, and you likely already have it on your computer. This will not work properly in the browser version of Adobe Acrobat Reader, you'll need the free desktop version for it to function effectively. You will also need an unzipping program, so you can extract/unzip the folder. (Most computers already have this software, as well.)

Pre-K Monthly Learning Packet [Ready to Go Activities] ● December

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