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Spring Name Crafts for Preschool

Hey there friends! 🍎✨ Today, I’m super excited to share some fun and creative name crafts, perfect for spring in your Preschool, PreK, or Kindergarten classroom. Let's dive into these easy name activities that will help your preschoolers strengthen fine motor control, bolster pre-literacy skills, and encourage creativity.

1. Rainbow Name Writing 🌈

If you haven't tried rainbow writing in your classroom yet, here's your opportunity! It's a simple and effective technique that helps reinforce the order of letters in a child's name, as well as proper letter formation.

To rainbow write, preschoolers use a sequence of different colored crayons to repeatedly write their name. This could be done in rainbow order or based on a theme. Think spring time hues... maybe lavender, pink, and light blue? Another fun option is to use colored spinners or dice to select different colors to use.

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In my Pre-K classroom, I’ve found that using about 3-5 colors works best. This amount keeps it fun and engaging, while also giving them enough repetition to make an impact. If you haven't already, don't miss out on my Do's and Don'ts of Rainbow Writing!

2. Letter Cutting and Sequencing📝

I start by giving each of my preschoolers their name strip. Using scissors, they out the letters of their name. Then, they put them in the correct order to spell their name.

Small snips lead to big improvements! When I start these activities at the beginning of the year, letters are frequently chopped in half, upside down and lost in the messy (but fun!) preschool abyss! ➡️ Fast forward to the end of the year, where many, if not all, of my PreK kiddos are able to complete this activity independently. Practice definitely makes progress!

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3. Rainy Day Tracing Craft ☔

My preschoolers love tracing activities! For this spring craft, preschoolers trace the outline of the umbrella and then color or paint it in their favorite shades.

⭐ PRO TIP: If you are planning on painting with watercolors for this umbrella craft, consider using crayons (instead of a pencil) to trace. The crayon will resist the watercolors when they paint their picture.

To make it fun, we use blue glitter glue to create raindrops falling around the umbrella. This not only adds sparkle to their artwork but also offers a sensory experience that kids absolutely love. Using the glue helps in fine motor development (think squeezing and controlling the strength of the squeeze), as well as the opportunity to practice precision and control.

If you don't have blue glitter glue, try some tissue paper snips or maybe blue dot markers? Any creative material in shades of blue would work!

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Why these crafts are awesome for preschoolers!...

  • Fine Motor Development: Cutting, gluing, tracing, and handling small materials refine fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

  • Creativity and Self-Expression: Choosing colors, designing scenes, and personalizing their crafts allow children to express themselves in unique ways.

  • Literacy Skills: Through playful engagement, children learn to recognize, sequence, and write the letters in their names, which are foundational skills for reading and writing.

So, grab those crayons, scissors, and glitter glue, and let’s make learning unforgettable this spring! Be sure to capture those smiles and share your classroom’s creative journey with me. 📸💬 #NameActivities #SpringCrafts #PreschoolCrafts


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