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Process Art for Little Ones

Yep, this is a good one! Bookmark this page so you can easily find it later.

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I was browsing through Facebook one day and came across this amazing idea from Meredith @ Homegrown Friends. I decided to give it a try!


✅ Big piece of paper or cardboard

✅ Paint (add shaving cream to make it less drippy)

✅ Paint brush

✅ Swing

I had one of those big post-it easel pads and used that. It worked great! Any big piece of paper would work though, the thicker the better! Think poster board or even a flattened cardboard box!

Choose a day that's not very windy, it'll make it easier! The wind picked up in the afternoon and the paper kept flying up. I weighted it down with another pad and that did the trick.

I mixed some shaving cream in with the paint, so it would be less drippy. The thicker paint brushes are awesome for this!!

We did a few group paintings, rather than individual ones. Some of my kiddos really got the hang of it. They'd swing back and forth, changing the direction of their paint brush with each swing. For others, they just wanted to hang there and paint an actual picture. They loved it either way though!! ❤


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